Q. What are the Legal Requirements?

Under The Marriage Act of 1961 there are certain obligations that you, as a couple intending to get married, must meet prior to a marriage ceremony.  The main obligations are:

Legal Age

You must both be over the age of 18 years, or have the appropriate permission. 

Notice of Intention to Marry

  • You need to fill out a Notice of Intention to Marry.
  • Your celebrant MUST receive this at least one month and one day before your wedding.
  • The completed form must be witnessed by an authorised person, who most often is the celebrant in your first meeting.  I can supply you with a Notice of Intention to Marry form or you may choose to download from the Links and Downloads button below. 
  • You can fill out as much of this form as you like and we can complete it in our first meeting together. 
  • You are required to produce either your original birth certificate or your overseas passport.
  • If you were previously married you must produce a copy of the Divorce Decree Absolute or Death Certificate, whichever is applicable.
  • Prior to your wedding both partners will be required to sign a declaration, stating that you believe there is no legal impediment to the marriage between yourself and your partner.

At your ceremony, you have two witnesses with a minimum age of 18 years.

Q. What do I need to do now? 

Simply contact me to make an appointment for a delightful, relaxed meeting where we can discuss all your wedding requirements.  There is no obligation or charge for this interview.  You can contact me by phone or by email.

Q. Where can we get married?

You can choose to be married anywhere that suits you.  I can marry you anywhere you choose.

Q. What does My Fee include?

At our first meeting (with no obligation or charge), we discuss all your wedding requirements.
Once we have discussed your requirements I give you a fixed quote (with no hidden charges).
You can contact me by phone, in person or email as often as you like.
I supply you the Government approved Wedding Certificate.
I will conduct your wedding ceremony in a relaxed, effective and enjoyable manner.
I register your Marriage with the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.